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Raider Series (eeffect apparel)

This was a new series of tees designed for Eeffect Apparel. The brand is an auto/lifestyle clothing brand. This series came out in the Summer of 2011.

Eeffect Raider Series Shirts

Evolve Apparel Line

Evolve Workshop originated as a small boutique clothing line. The following designs were designs for the men’s line. Aside from being sold direct from this website, the shirts were mainly sold in smaller skateboard shops.

Evolve Workshop Shirt Designs

Audiobahn Promotional Shirts

The following are T-Shirt design options made to promote the rebirth of the car audio giant Audiobahn. These are given away on their Facebook page in online contests and handed out at industry trade shows.

Audiobahn Promotional Tees by Evolve Workshop

Enkei Brand Wheels Promo Material

I had initially illustrated a series of wheel head characters for the clothing company Eeffect Apparel. Enkei Wheels took notice of the designs and asked Eeffect if I may design a character for their “Enkei 92″ wheel. This design will be made into stickers and tshirts for the SEMA 2010 show.

Enkei Wheels Shirt Design

Alphasonik Promotional Shirts

I was hired by Alphasonik Inc. in early 2010 to come up with a few tshirt designs. The company used these designs as promotional material to promote their newly resurrected line of car amplifiers and speakers. This was one of the 3 designs used for the shirts.

Alphasonik Promotional Shirt Designs

Nobel Biocare Shirt Design

The following design was created during my stay with Nobel Biocare in 2007. I was given the task of creating a t-shirt design for Nobel’s Annual Sales Meeting in Las Vegas. Shirts were made with this print on them.