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Mobile Concussion Testing

These logos were the initial concepts I had for the company. In addition to the logos, I also created some other print material for them such as business cards, a vinyl banner, and triplicate testing forms.

Spruill Training Logo

Spruill Training Concept Logos
These logo concepts were created for a new gym out in the LA area.

Magic Sweat Logo | Packaging Project

Magic Sweat Logo Creation
I had the task of creating a logo and package design for a local company which was marketing a cream that claimed to make you sweat out more during exercise sessions. The owner has a mixed martial arts dojo and many of his fighters are currently using this cream. The logos you see here are the initial design concepts that I came up with.

Their website is:

Energy Efficiency Experts

I created this business card for a small HVAC/Refridgeration business located in the Inland Empire. Of these 6 options, the client decided on the final “pyramid style” logo for his business card.

Energy Efficiency Experts Card Preview

Greenscape Logo

This logo was created for a local landscape company called Greenscape. The logo had been used for business cards, shirts and made into a sticker for work trucks.

Spooky’s Cafe Logo

I was contracted by the Granada Theater of Ontario, CA to produce a logo for their cafe. Since the building is called Spooky’s and the building is marketed on being one of the most haunted places in the Inland Empire, I came up with the following logo. Shirts, business cards and brochures were made with this new identity.

Ion Bodyboard Graphics

Here are some graphic ideas that were used for various Ion products during my stay with them in 2003-2004. I handled their website as well as graphic/ad creation.