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Apollo Protective Services (

Apollo Protective Services

Apollo Protective Services handle providing security for businesses/homes throughout the Inland Empire. I took this project from design phase all the way through to the web development stage. I developed this site in php. You can view the site here:

Caltrans District 12 Site

Upon being hired by Caltrans as a designer back in late 2006, I took the responsibility of creating their new website. Headquarters had come up with a list of standards and a general template to stick with. I basically took all of the information from our old site and integrated it into the new format.

You can view the site at:

Abba-Zaba Dance Contest Campaign

The following designs were created to promote a dance contest that Abba-Zaba was promoting on their Facebook page. Below is the design made for their Facebook landing page as well as some web banners created for the campaign.

Abba-Zaba Dance Contest Campaign

Web Banner Designs for Abba-Zaba

Abba-Zaba Dance Contest Web Banner

Audiobahn is Back Web Promo

In October of 2010, the car audio company Audiobahn was relaunched and I was given the job of creating their splash launch page as well as some web banners to promote the new site. Below is a screen shot of the splash page created as well as a couple sizes of banners that coincided with the new look.

Audiobahn is Back Campaign

Audiobahn Site Banner

Audiobahn Web Banner Design

Andrew Nathaniel’s Salon

This site was created for a hair salon in Upland, CA named Andrew Nathaniel’s. Aside from working with hair, they also specialize in skin care, hair replacement, pedicures and manicures. I was allowed much freedom in creating the site. The client provided me basic text for the site and let me run with it. I had fun on this project.

Andrew Nathaniels Screen Shot

Andrew Nathaniel's Site Preview

Eeffect Apparel Site

This is a company that I have been working with since 2006. Eeffect is an clothing brand marketed towards auto buffs. I was originally hired as a graphic designer to create t-shirt art. Recently I was given the assignment to create their website. You can access the site at:

The Haunted Granada Site

This was a fun project. I was hired by the Granada to make a site for the promotion of their ghost tours. The building was built in 1927 and there have been many strange things that occur there on a daily basis. You can take a tour for yourself. You can see the site I created at this location.

Vital Skate HTML Email Campaign

This was an HTML email campaign that I created for Vital Skate. Vital Skate was a short lived online social skateboard site that allowed you to interact with other skateboard enthusiasts and provided news about the industry. I handled email campaigns for this company for a few months in 2006.