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Audiobahn Mixed Tape CD

This is a design created for a promotional CD that Audiobahn made to promote the relaunching of the brand.

Audiobahn Mixed Tape Back Side

Alphasonik Advertisement

I was recently hired to create this ad for a distributor of Alphasonik products. This advertisement was designed for a quarter page (5″ X 7″) and was made into black and white format. Music N’ Echo is a large distributor of Car Audio products.

Taco Factory Table Cards

I was hired by Taco Factory to make different table card designs highlighting specials that were going on each day of the week. This one represented their menudo specials.

Taco Factory Table Card Annoncements

Wave Rebel Ad

This was an advertisement I created for Wave Rebel Bodyboards featuring world champion Brazilian bodyboarder Guilherme Tamega.

Ion Bodyboard Ad

This was an ad for Ion Bodyboards in 2004. It appeared in Option Bodyboard Magazine.

Ion Bodyboard Ad By Evolve Workshop

Wave Rebel Ad (Sebastian Slovin)

Advertisement for Option Bodyboard Magazine in 2004. The rider featured in this ad was Sebastian “Seabass” Slovin.

Zoomers Brand Snorkel Package Design

Another licensed brand under the 360 Inc. roof was Zoomers. Zoomers was a watersport brand that was comprised of men’s/women’s/children’s mask and snorkel packages. This was a header card design I created for the kid’s snorkel package. The was stapled over the top of the container bag.

Nobel Biocare Service Info Brochure

This brochure was sent to dentist offices informing them of a training seminar on how to install Nobel brand dental inplants.

Nobel Biocare Brochure Design

Nobel Biocare Post Card

This card was intended to be placed in dentist offices to promote the Nobel Biocare dental implant brand.

Audiobahn Trade Show Banner

This banner was made for a SEMA Trade Show. It featured an Audiobahn model and some featured product.

Audiobahn Trade Show Banner